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The product 'Parallinx' is a well bore installation schematic aid that enables the user to expedite well installation schematics in an efficient and user-friendly manner. The focus of Visual Wellbore will be to facilitate those needs by adding the knowledge and expertise of its petroleum oriented staff to help those companies. The company offers two separate versions of the product: PARALLINX with Viewer and VIPR by PARALLINX. The Company initially created a core business around the domestic oil and gas market by developing state of the art media and user-friendly software that enables users to communicate better and provide detailed product awareness.

New and patentable ideas will be aggressively pursued. During the following two years the domestic market will be expanded to various international areas along with additional products and services offered to, but not limited to, the oil and gas community. Visual Wellbore proposes to offer the five following capabilities of computer media and related products for the oil, gas, and environmental firms.

Multimedia Online, Interactive Product Catalogs and e-Commerce
Product and Company Multimedia
Consulting Services Online
Internet Server capabilities