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Parallinx has several high quality, time saving, and user friendly programs for wide spread oil & gas industry use. Click on the image below to see detailed product information,

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Visual Wellbore/VIPR Program



This program has 17 categories with over 500 graphic icons. You copy and paste the icon from the viewer or drag and drop the icon into your readymade well bore template. You can now resize the icon to fit your desired Wellbore application. Each component is an individual piece and each one can be manipulated and positioned to achieve the final schematic desired. Usually the template is or can be done in Microsoft Word or Excel, and can then be saved to a portable document. You can then email, fax, or print this file as you see fit to exhibit your new completion design. It is very simple to use, and all of our clients comment on how easy it is to use and how much time they save by using this product.

The program also has 24 of the most common Gravel Packs / Frac Packs and standard completion hook-ups already drawn. In addition to the ready made drawings, it has a selection of individual icons to choose from. It also has additional pre-made programs, such as: Horizontals, Tubing Conveyed Perforating, Service Tools, and Drilling and Casing; all of these have the same easy to use point and click functionality.

The VIPR package also includes: Proposal Request Template, Tubing Move Program, General Tool Library with OD's and ID's, Daily Report Program, Basic Calculations Worksheet, Electrical Pump Program, and Work-over and Rod Pump Program. This product has it all for the user on the rig or in the office. Save the completion to a file, then email, fax, or print the completed drawing as you see fit. Templates are supplied and more are available upon request. Our clients are amazed at the quality & quantity of programs included, and the easy of use of the Pro VIPR solution!