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Parallinx has several high quality, time saving, and user friendly programs for wide spread oil & gas industry use. Click on the image below to see detailed product information,

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Q. Is this compatable with Windows. I like to use Excel?
A. Yes it is. The VIPR program is designed in Excel. The Viewer program is designed to use with all windows based programs that accept artwork.

Q. How is the license agreement set up?
A. Each copy purchased is for a single computer or a single seat. We can structure the license for a corporate license agreement.

Q. Is this program easy to use, my computer skills are in the development stage?
A. Yes, we designed the programs to help the beginner learn the operation quickly yet it also has features even for the most expierence user.

Q. If you don't have an Icon that I need will you draw it.
A. Yes we will. We generally furnish five new icons @ n/c.

Q. Can I use an existing template in Excel and place your artwork into it.
A. Yes you can. This is a really neat function of our set-up. We also can re-design a template for you or send you some of the ones we have in our data base.

Q. How big are the completed drawings
A. Generally less than 100kb. Emails and downloads are really fast

Q. Can you do a customized version for my company, we would like to use your icons but add a few of our own.
A. We presently have numerous programs customized for our clients. We are a service orientated company and do whatever it takes to make our client feel right

Q. Could you do a drawing for me so that I can see if your software is what I am looking for.
A. Send us what you have and we'll do it for you

Q. Do you have frac tools?
A. Yes we do all our equipment is rated for 10k collaspe. You type the text.

Q. One thing do you have BOP's in your program.
A. Yes we do.

Q. Does the program have any symbol autosizing or connection features?
A. Yes it does. You can either send to back or bring forward. Make sure snap is off and the icons will line up perfectely.

Q. Our company is looking for a wellbore schematic computer program to set up each of our wells from drilling to completion. Can one of your programs do this. Can we pull it up later and edit if we re-work the well.
A. You bet we can we have over 650 icons from pre-planning your well to the post job actual. After completion of your well just save it in the well folder and it will be there when you need it.