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VIPR (owned by Parallinx), is a well bore installation schematic aid that enables the user to expedite well installation schematics in an efficient and user-friendly manner. The software has 17 categories, runs in Microsoft Excel and is extremely easy to use, such that any employee can input the information and prepare a basic diagram in less than five minutes. The program has over 700 Icons to choose from for building wellbore schematics. Visual Wellbore software ( is directed at the oil and gas industry, and is ideal for those with completions and drilling backgrounds. Both the Oil and Gas Operators and the Service Industry are using our company’s software globally.

  The VIPR software consists of 14 programs, and includes Gravel Pack/Frac Pack and Standard completion hook-ups pre-drawn. In addition to the ready-made drawings, VIPR has programs for: Horizontals, Tubing Conveyed Perforating, Service Tools, and Drilling and Casing; all of these with the same point and click functionality. more >>
  Over 700 Icons to choose from for building Wellbore schematics. These icons are quite realistic, which improves understanding of the completion hardware as well. A user can copy and paste or Drag & Drop an Icon to a work platform and size it to fit.more >>
  The latest (and updated) FREE TRIAL VERSION of the VIPR software package is ready for you to download and examine free of cost. more >>
  When I calculated the NPV at 15% over a 5 year period, our initial investment to standardize on VIPR by Visual Wellbore had a current value to us approaching $1MM, and this included the expenses associated with software support fees. etc .more >>
-- Phil Snider / Sr. Technical Consultant - Marathon Oil

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